Tuesday, April 27

What I would not wear...

There have been a lot of specific brands and specific lines or specific pieces that have been "in" and just everywhere in the past few years that I have never been into and, while I hesitate to say never (never say never!), I doubt I ever will wear.

 To me, crocs are obviously pool wear, but then again that's what I thought about flip flops before I moved to California, but these are just so...hard to match with anything. Not to mention you feel like a little kid in them.

(image from GosuBlogger) I will never understand the fascination with these. Is it that it's socially acceptable to wear almost anywhere with anything? It is to look young? Is it because you can customize them to your own personality/style? I tried converse style shoes with heels (by Chinese Laundry) for about a year and wound up wearing them maybe a dozen times so I sold them on Ebay.

Maxi Dress ($24.80 at F21)
I might've mentioned this before, but I did almost buy one last summer. I saw the perfect one at a F21, but we weren't exactly shopping (more like browsing with a group of friends) so I didn't have time to try it on and then it was gone (this is what's annoying about F21 sometimes...). Then when I finally got around to trying another one on, it was at Hollister, made from gray jersey, super soft and comfy, but somehow not my style. I think I would wear it if I were the "beach type" and actually planned on going to the beach--but I am sooo not the beach type, I look too reserved to pull it off, and I don't even want to wear sandals and go to the beach, nor do I want long wavy hair (very annoying to me) so I think I shall pass. (Oh and let's not forget the fact that at 5'4" I am not tall enough to wear a maxi dress with flats)

Romper ($14.90 at F210
Um. Even if we ignore the fact that this is what people used to wear as swimming suits, or at least that the style is terribly similar, I cannot ignore the fact that it's very unflattering for my body type. I don't have the shoulder-waist-hip ratio to pull this off and I tried one on by Free People once and I felt two things: 1) like I was a baby wearing overalls, and 2) like it would be a lot of trouble to use the restroom later.

Military Print (credit: Gareth Jones)

...Just can't pull it off. I don't think I look rough enough (or cool enough) for it unless I revamped my whole style...but I don't want to.

Military Boots (credit: Vox)
 Much as with the print, these don't really suit my style.  I have friends who wear them with cool or feminine clothes and seem to be able to pull of a "grunge" style with them, but "grunge" is something I have a hard time passing as natural to me. Maybe if it were just a photo session I could poker face it, but normally I'd just look like Dorothy borrowing some worker's boots

Bermuda Shorts ($150 at Neiman Marcus)
 I have not-so-long thick legs and these are just very very unflattering for me.  If I do wear shorts they have to be very short, preferably paired with heels, and if I need cropped pants I wear below the knee ones that admittedly still chop off my legs quite a bit but are more flattering.  

What about you?
I got the idea to write this up from DelanceFashion's "I would rather die than be caught wearing..." thread. It was amusing how many people hate crocs and uggs (I used to hate uggs too T-T). This is not a complete list, just what I could think of over the course of a few days. What would you not wear?


  1. I can't wear crocs either! They are so hideous!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! :) I never really thought of what I'd hate to wear but I certainly don't like crocs. I never understood Converse shoes either. I used to own a pair and I didn't think they were that comfortable. I'm much more comfortable wearing flats because they go on and off, but converse is annoying. They look silly too, :p As for rompers, that is a pretty desperate pic and I don't think I would ever choose to wear one. Going to the bathroom will be a huge problem if you gotta go so bad but you have take off the top, the bottom, my god. LOL Who does that? I even hate the name, sounds kinda gross.

    The closest thing I have to a romper is a jump suit? I'm not sure if that is the correct term, but it's like a romper with long sleeves and long pants LOL. Ah, again, restroom issues :o

  3. LOL, half the things you'd never wear are staples in my closet! But that's ok, to each their own, right? I am in 100% agreement on the Crocs though. Ugh. I'd also add harem pants to the list. There was a minute last year when they were extra popular, but I couldn't understand it. Why would anyone want to wear something that would make their hips look bigger?

  4. I agree with all of these things - I especially hate that everyone wears converse shoes and now keds...i mean, keds??? I wore them when I was 10 years old and younger maybe, but I just don't understand why people pay so much for those shoes with no support? I am told it has to do with Sookie Stackhouse, which makes me think it is an even dumber trend!


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