Saturday, April 24

Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mascara in Blacktastic

I showed you in this post that I had purchased two VS mascaras (2 for $12) and promised a review. Now my go-to mascara is Benefit's BadGal Lash, which promises to make your lashes look like fake ones. I personally like this mascara because first of all, the mini version has been $10 at Sephora for half a year or something, and second of all it makes my lashes look super thick! I'm going to show what the results of this mascara in my very amateurish review, and if you like it you can purchase your own here.

First of all, a picture of my naked lashes (no curling):

No curler and about three layers of product:
As you can see, my lashes are not very curly, but rather gets weighed down by product so curlers are my best friend. I tried applying "upwards" but this is the only result I could get.

Oh and if you wonder why I have two different eye make up on it's because I was testing a few looks.
And ignore my terrible skin and unruly eyebrows. My eyebrows are precisely why I don't like taking make up pics...x.x
I did not use any eyelash brush and I had one clump, which made it's mark if you look closely, so I am relatively satisfied with the brush. I did stain my upper lid two or three times but it wiped away easily (some are so hard to get off!!) which is good for inexperienced mascara users like myself.

Please let me know what you think based on this review or if you have used it before!
I would also appreciate any tips you have for writing better reviews!


  1. I am so envious of your long eyelashes! :) I have also used Benefit's Bal Gal lash and love it! But I decided to finish some of my mascara before purchasing new ones. I've looked at the VS mascara before and what made it unique was the funny squeeze tube that it came in. It looks nice on you though! You can always add your pros and cons to the product you're reviewing. I think people really love that so they don't have to pro/con it themselves :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll heed them for my next review ^^

    And long lashes aren't great...I think yobo actually has longer lashes but I have more so haha. What happens is that they often get in my eyes and I panic whenever I lose my lashes because of rubbing my eyes.


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