Wednesday, March 31

But I want it! Black leather bag!

YSL "inspired" black leather purse is up at $65.00 or so on Ebay at the moment and I lost interest once it hit $50. If you scroll all the way down it actually reads "faux leather" (le gasp!) and I promised myself I would only buy real leather from now on (invest invest!). After all, it's a hard economy and we have to be diligent about where we invest money, no?

It's not like I can just stop spending, after all ;P

And if this pair of Guccis were in my size I can't guarantee I wouldn't pull out that credit card I've been hiding away...
Moschino is really what I'll have to shop when I get a real office position...$30


  1. i love the 2nd bag! gorgeous!

  2. Both bags are super cute! Definitely hold out for real leather though, it's so much better to invest in.

    Tell me your Holy Grail mascara and you could win an awesome makeup prize!


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