Tuesday, August 24

Review: Calvin Klein Endless Creme Liquid Concealer

I mentioned a while back in this post that I purchased Calvin Klein sets on sale for my mother-in-law and kept a few things to myself.  This foundation stick ended up being the only item I kept because everything else I just added to yobo's luggage when he went back home earlier this month.

So this is 204 Cream, which is lighter than my skin tone even when I am not tanned.  I still use it with my darker foundation and haven't had a problem with it as it does blend it pretty well. I think I mentioned a few days ago that it's beginning to get difficult to leave the house without concealer (unless I forget) because this does a good job at hiding my hideous dark eye circles.

In a nut shell:
+ liquid blends well
+ good color match
+ no flaking or creasing
+ easy application (it's a wand)

- expensive (normally concealers are under $10, this one's about double)
- the cover cracked after a few uses even though I haven't carried it around me (it's stayed put)

I think this stick will last me a long time, and I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.  I think I would like to try another type of concealer by Calvin Klein, or their other products (I bought powder and eyeshadow for my mother-in-law), but I wouldn't buy this exact same product again because of it's poor packaging.

Have you tried Calvin Klein cosmetics?