Tuesday, July 6

But I want it! Eye massager!

I was going to mention this earlier but I'm glad I remembered it now! I went to Brookstone on Saturday (checked out sales, remember?) and I fell in love with this eye massage-r!

If you're prone to migraines like me, or if your shoulders ache because your eyes are tired (trying pressing on your eyes; if it hurts they are tired!) then you'll LOVE this!  It gently massages your temples and the acupressure spots around your eyes and releases tension.  It has 3 programs and I tried them all and they were great! I felt so much better, I could see better, and it was just refreshing.

It's a little pricey at $60 but for my well-being I plan on investing one in the future!

Do you recommend any anti-tension, anti-stress products? I'm all tied up like a pretzel x.x;