Saturday, June 19

You, who "promoted" me!

So I wanted to announce the giveaway winner on Tuesday, but then I got kind of caught up with the interviews and sleep deprivation, so now that I'm back from hiking and all relaxed I feel more up to it. If you guys wonder, I decided yesterday that as the landlord's (fully grown) husky needs as much exercise as I do, my new goal is to walk her a min. of one hour a day! Yesterday we went round and round for an hour and today we went hiking for two hours (to the waterfall!). Walking with a large dog is so much more motivating than walking a small dog, they really pull you along and push you to walk faster and further.

Anyhow, there weren't a lot of participants for the PROMOTE ME giveaway but I thought it was about time it ended so I just did for it anyway. It's rather strange that even with 54 readers on google (and a decent amount of page views according to my tracker) there are still few comments and fewer participants but that's OK. It means I'll have to work harder! I had thought about buying stuff for giveaways but I think I'm going to wait till I have a larger readership. Then I will probably have a contest rather than a giveaway ^^

The giveaway winner is #3, Sierra!

For the "Be My Friend" giveaway I'm going to repost tomorrow and I will automatically add any entries for it while promoting it.

Thank you so much if you participated! I will be contacting the winner soon.