Tuesday, June 22

Be My Friend

"Be My Friend" - Giveaway

So this is the "かわいい" giveaway set (compared to the previous one) and is open to all followers. You will receive a pink pouch ID holder + pencil case (Korean), a furry green and white coin pouch (Japanese), a mirror (Chinese), the colorful necklace (Hong Kong), and a letter set by (I think) Masami Tsuda (creator of i.e. Kare Kano - manga).  Basically the trick to this giveaway is that the more you comment on my blog the more entries you will have! I will be updating this page with a list of participants and number of "ticket entries" as often as I can.  If you participated in the previous giveaway you may also participate in this giveaway.

INTERNATIONAL: I am interested in reading blogs by people from other countries as long as they're in a language I can read, which means they have to be in English or Finnish (I should follow one in Japanese to practice!), so I wholeheartedly welcome internationals to read my blog as well! I created this with the plan of going international anyhow~! Therefore both "giveaways" will be open worldwide.

To Participate...
1. Comment with your name & email address.

2. Follow me publicly on Google, Bloglovin', Networked Blogs, or RSS feed (provide email)

For extra entries:
3. Link to the blog post where you mentioned this giveaway.
4. Fan me on "Networked Blogs" Facebook application for an extra entry
5. Place a picture link to this giveaway on your blog sidebar.

You can comment later with extra entries.

If you had already participated in this giveaway, your entries are still there, they're just private and for my eyes only. Don't worry about it!