Thursday, October 7

Someone once told me DARK EYELIDS are a direct result of excessive MAKE UP

My friend told me about her dark eyelids, and she looked me, and said "Oh I guess you don't have them 'cause you don't use as much make up". That was two years ago.

Now I find myself seeing slightly darker eyelids, I mean really they're only bad when I don't sleep enough, most of the time they're not too ugly. However, it does make me feel like I need to wear eye shadow every day, even if I'm just going to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. I've always thought that it is wrong to think you need make up. Make up is an accessory, just like you shouldn't think you can't walk out the door without earrings, you should not worry about exiting your home without make up.
So first of all, to cover your dark eye lids is really easy with make up, I mean all you need is a colored primer, such as the MAC ones that everyone seems to like. I personally use a cream shadow as a base, sometimes Clinique Touch Base for Eyes (mine's silver), but I have been eying the Urban Decay Primer Lotion in Champagne (pictured) as well.  Some people just use concealer, and others choose a specific undertone for their skin type, like bluish for warm skin and yellowish for cool skin.  I think it really depends on your make up routine. I had purchased one of those complicated concealer quads before and it was just too much trouble figuring out how to mix them that I ended up giving it to my sister (wonder if she uses it...).
But what if you want to get rid of them so that you don't have to apply something just to look normal at home or outside? Well, have you ever wondered: WHY CUCUMBERS? I have--but no longer! Cucumbers apparently have a lot antioxidants and really help reduce hyper pigmentation.  Raw slices of potato placed on your eyes have been successful in achieving results, as well as applying aloe vera on your eyelids, or even used mint tea bags (which also helps reduce swelling).  You'll notice that often toners often have cucumbers, rose, or lemon as their main ingredients. Since rose water and lemon juice both have "brightening" effects, when mixed equally together they will do your eyelids wonders! And when in toner ingredients (I have used all three types of toners :3) your whole face will be brightened! I've also read that almond oil, diffused with water, and applied with Q-Tip helps. These are home remedies worth trying on a Saturday or Sunday morning while you are still half asleep ;D I'll let you know when I personally have the time to try them!

Let's not forget that beauty comes from the inside! So to reduce hyper-pigmentation you should eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies), take your vitamins (B, C, Omega 3), and drink a lot of water!

Let me know what has worked for you! I'll try them all!

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