Thursday, August 5

Review: Lavera Organic Calendula Balancing Face Cream

Lavera is a great natural cosmetics brand that makes vegan and certified organic products.  I've mentioned that I'm very interested in organic or natural products because I think I'm too young to be slathering chemicals on my face. Because for me it's cheaper to use organic skincare than to change my entire diet to organic, I'm starting with organic skincare.  I've followed organic diets before and it's easy to get used to, but pricey to maintain, so my goal is to eventually be in the habit of using organic and eco-friendly everything.  Maybe I will achieve such status by the end of my life. Haha.

I think I mentioned that when I purchased this online I was running out of night moisturizer...? Well I used this as both for a while and it made me break out.  I don't know why, but it does not have SPF so I didn't see the harm in it but clearly we should all just follow directions, eh?  Since then I have been using a different evening moisturizer but I can't say I'm too pleased with Lavera.

  • Because it doesn't do anything special. It's not terribly moisturizing (though I don't feel dry either) because it's for Normal to Combination skin. 
  • Does not smell good. I'm big on this, I don't like skincare products that smell like nothing.  But maybe this is the cost of organic? I don't know, it's the same reason why I don't like Clinique.
  • The product claims it will give you "radiant complexion" which I have not noticed.
  • It is not "refreshing", nor does it provide "intensive moisture"
I just feel that I could have a much better moisturizer that will actually help me improve my complexion rather than a product that only offers the bare minimum moisture. So no, I will not buy this product again.

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