Monday, April 19

Lady Chatterley's Lover (review)

I have actually been reading the novel by D.H.Lawrence but thought that I might watch the movie as I don't always have a clear idea of how things look. I rather suck at visualization and seeing the movie made me realize that clothing wise I pictured the characters in a completely different era. If I were a good liar I would say that I pictured 1940s, but I'm not so I'll just go ahead and admit that I pictured the wrong century. This movie has the characters in 1930s style, which is not my favorite. I don't think I could pull off the "flapper" style as it is best suited for skinny women with good bone structure and a flat chest. When I try to picture myself wearing this weighed down rag with no bra (maybe a silky undershirt that covers nothing, not even your nipples), that has a straight-edge collar running across your neck, and made from silky material that would expose and highlight any curves you might have--I cringe from disgust. I admit that the style looks good on the actresses in the movie though!

If you're curious about the pictures I can tell you that the movie was not very good because it tried to hard to be sensual with multiple sex scenes and a surprising amount of nudity. This of course is a mere projection of what the novel contains, but as I said I'm not good at visualization so the movie was a little shocking (not to mention the fact that I found those scenes unnecessarily long and wondered why they cut out all this other interesting stuff to have three minute long sex footage) and foreign to me. The keeper's voice was terribly annoying and common to me, which I guess was intentional as his haggard voice really contrasted the upper class character's smooth voices, but I'm a sucker for a good voice so it was just jarring. I didn't pay too much attention to the movie as I had other thoughts in mind but enough to know that it wasn't worth it and that conservative upper class members didn't necessarily transition to the latest fad immediately but stuck to their 1930s attire despite the fact that the movie was set in 1950-ish. Either that or the stylist wasn't very good.
Haha or I just don't know what I'm talking about. What do you think? I'm not that clear on what was in and what was not.
I love her coat! She also wears this spring-ish poncho:
 Lastly, I noticed Mr.Chatterley's shoes:

 I don't know what those shoe cover thingies are called but I like them :) Maybe I want those on my oxfords.

But as I said, don't watch this movie, read the novel if you want (they have free ebooks online). It's basically leans towards a female perspective, is sexually charged, and describes Lady Chatterley's love affairs and her cold relationship with her husband. Don't ask me why we're reading this in class for I do not know.


  1. You're right this doesn't look like the 50s at all!

  2. What stylist did they get for that movie? Aren't you supposed to do your research before you style something set in the 1950's..hehe. My fashion history teacher would die. I do love the coat though, it is quite stunning! xoxo


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