Wednesday, April 21

Boots! Boots are off season and on SALE!

A few of you have asked me about my equestrian boots, so now that they're sort of off-season I would say that it's a good time to buy (cheaper!) and I did a little research to prove this:


BCBG Frank in Taupe on sale for $79.99

Rachel Zoe's pick.  Nine West Fiddle on sale for $79.99

London Fog waterproof booties on sale for $69.99

You know I went on Piperlime to find a few of these and many I did not include because they were not real leather, and sadly I would not have noticed this if I had not read the poor reviews for them. I'm not one for fine details so I completely overlook the details unless I'm serious about buying (at which point I force myself to check).


Etienne Aigner Size 6 $90.00  (a lot of vtg stuff at this store)

Size 6 on Etsy for $69.00 (a lot of similar sizes! I'm tempted to buy lace ups....)

Brazilian boots sz 7 on Ebay for $59+10=69

Maroon Etienne Aigner boots at Etsy sz  6.5

Etienne Aigner Chocolate Brown on Ebay sz 7.5

I think Etsy vintage stores have nicer items than Ebay vintage stores but the difference of course lies in price. I find that if I type "brown riding boots" on Etsy I get boots at $50+ up to hundreds but on Ebay you could find a pair as cheap a $20 (at the moment) so it really depends on your size and luck!

Lastly, if you like the brand that I wear: Miz Mooz check out some other styles by them:

On sale on Piperlime for $99.00

Let me know if you liked any of my picks! Do you prefer new or vintage?

I myself am eyeing this:

Looks like the buttoned oxfords worn by Mr.Chatterley huh?

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  1. I like the BCBG ones! I love vintage stuff too actually, it's fun to wear vintage clothes.


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