Tuesday, March 23

Contemporary Spring Look Book

What I specifically want to buy....

Sheer-ish floral black leggings from Topshop. I like how it's toned down, not amazingly floral or lace or whatever. Just dark as leggings ought to be.

credit to mamasrollingstone.com
White lace. I want to buy white lace since I lost my shirt from winter in Heathrow T-T

credit : mamasrollingstone.com
JCREW: Loose crop pants. I have crop pants that are sort of loose but I want this kind. I like the outfit.

credit: mamasrollingstone.com
JCREW: High-waist crop pants! in black! I am officially hunting for new black pants now....High waist only :D

credit: mamasrollingstone.com
ZARA: The brown pants! I have one pair of brown and its flared. Not happy. Need more brown.

credit: mamasrollingstone.com
ZARA: Trench! I haven't decided if I'm going to buy a khaki trench this Spring. I have a grayish for my nude coat and then I have a black trench so I might pass on this..

A few other trends I plan on passing on include the striped jacket/blazer because I prefer the nautical uniform look from last spring, to be honest, and the khaki/brown shorts because I prefer tweed (which I saw Gap has~). I realized I already have leather wooden clogs from years back (Italian, in light brown with fringe) so I don't need to purchase any. I recently purchased a white lace blouse, which I told yobu I would sell, but now I'm having second thoughts so...we'll see. I saw a good in one in the store yesterday too but I'm not sure I'm brave enough for complete sheerness or the bulkiness layering might result in. As I've mentioned previously, I might skip out on the denim shirt trend because I just don't see myself wearing...blue like that.  I've owned quite a few military jackets in the past, and they've never stayed with me past two seasons so I don't think that I'll be buying another one unless I see one I must have. The last time that happened it was Ralph Lauren (denim too!) but I passed because of the price.

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I'm actually looking for slightly different heels, but I couldn't find the exact type.

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