Friday, March 19

But I want it! Etsy jewelry browsing...

I often browse ebay because I sell things there (I sold a few hundred this month!) and sometimes etsy and then I feel like I want to show someone what I find (if I'm not sure if I want to buy them) and I don't know who to show to! I think yobu's a little tired of seeing them and nowadays he's off recording at night so I can't even try to get his attention. Anyhow, I figure this is what a blog is for!
Right now I'm seriously considering the beaded black earrings and the silver ribbon earrings...
Top left: hoop earrings $3.85. butterfly bow pendant $3.50. 3 stone onyx ring $6.95. stone bracelet set $12.00. beaded earrings $3.75.

From left/top: truffle pendant $4.00. xmas heart earrings $4.49. xmas silver bows $2.45. chanel pendant $2.50.

What do you think? Would you buy any?

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