Monday, December 6

Wearing Red at the Swedish Christmas Fair :)

I completely forgot that Sunday was Christmas fair, to the point where we ended up missing all performances (what can I say, sleeping till the afternoon is my Sunday vice). I still decided to go, though, because unlike in Finland where there are similar fairs every weekend, this was a one day event and if I missed it I'd probably spend all Christmas regretting it.

And I was right to! There were so many familiar items and decorations that I'm used to being around at Christmas time. Most of the participants spoke Swedish amongst each other, especially the church members (of Church of Sweden). I do regret missing the raffle though. Instead yobo had some pea soup (always better than American attempts), while I got a cup of glorg (it was a very cold rainy day). I wondered at the price, and then I realized that it wasn't really glorg as in the juice, but it was liquor (I'm somehow used to being carded for those...I guess I must be looking old)! So after a few sips I went and got myself a plate of cookies and cake to help drink it down in the middle of the afternoon LOL

Romeo & Juliet cardigan, 2Bbebe tunic dress, Cotton On leggings, Nine West flats, Rocawear purse, random belt
While there I also saw spike mats that I coveted last Christmas...! They have a store in Beverly Hills that sells them! I think I may just get myself one for stress relief...more on this product later.

Did you go to any Christmas Fairs this year?