Tuesday, August 31

MAC Recommendations? Let's look at lipstick...

At work I've been asked if I would like to join a group order of MAC cosmetics because people with cosmetology licenses can evidently get a discount. Now, I am not a fan of MAC because the few products I have tried (mainly the base and foundation) I've found are great for photoshoots and such, not great for looking natural on a day to day basis (which is what I need). 

Given that, I'm mostly interested in lipstick and gloss, and not only because all the ladies at work sport them, but because I'm looking for long-lasting wear for my lazy self.  I do not like adding coats, fixing make up, or carrying my make up around with me. I want to prevent it.

So, here are some colors I was thinking of:
To the Beach -lipstick, retails for $14.50 (reduced to about $9.00)
Lipstick in Angel

Lipstick in Blankety
Lipstick in Brave
Lipstick in Myth (satin)
Lipstick in Please Me (matte)
Lipstick in Shy Girl (creme)

Which one do you think suits me most? What else by MAC do you recommend?