Friday, May 14

An Education (movie)

An Education (2009) is a movie I had planned on watching for a while but never got around to it, mostly because I think yobo wouldn't be able to sit through it and my usual moods demand comedy or extreme soap-opera style drama. It's rare that I'm in a mood for these types of "artsy" films, what with moral messages and artistic scenery. I'm quite proud of myself :D My classes this quarter are doing wonders to me.
Basically it's set in the 1960s, and I was more entranced with the wardrobes and Paris than in the lead male character. Where previously I had grudgingly told yobo that actors are the worst people because they're good at convincing themselves that fiction is reality (and if you believe it's real then it's no longer a lie and it's undetectable), but in watching this movie I discovered that really good sales people are really scary.  So now I feel a little better about yobo.
So in a 16-17 year old's ordinary wardrobe there were lots of grandfather cardigans and...plaid.
I think her coat is cute, I'm sure it wouldn't look as good buttoned up (unless belted?) but I don't think I could resist not buttoning a coat outdoors...Patent leather <3 Looks like my grandmother's purses!
Even her school uniform is great! The leather messenger style book bag, the high waisted skirt and the blazer jacket! All in gray too :D
I noticed that many of the dress patterns (her mother wears a similar one) look like curtain patterns, or sofa patterns--you know what I mean. Those Renaissance style patterns in gold and other dramatic colors copied from France. I don't think I want to compare with a curtain.
Cropped pants and simple flats! I'm not a big fan of the necklines of the time but that's easily solved ;P Slouchy cardigans also don't suit me at all so that's out of the question (I think in terms of what I want sometimes).
Waist hugging dresses were all over as well, but how do you feel about over the knee dresses/skirts?
 Simple outfit of the educated woman (you know, the feminist who doesn't need to wear skirts everyday).
I like how even though Jenny is the conservative dresser she still manages to have a leopard clutch.
Overall I thought it a worthwhile picture, a 4/5 because of it's moral message and excellent acting.