"Defining Beauty" is a title I came up with while planning to start this blog a lot later this year. Denysia had been telling me about starting a blog and I've been hesitant because I thought it would interfere with my school work (which it does, but oh well). But I wanted to give it a shot to see what the interface is like so I started a blog one day when I was bored at work and I thought I would write about things once I move to Asia.

The title thus reflects my qualms with Asian Beauty-concept and the plan was to write about this while inspecting beauty trends in Asia.  Instead, I've started this blog while still in California and the title looks to me a little...narcissistic. I just want to explain that this was not the plan. Actually I wanted to comment and discuss the following:
  • Thinness as a prerequisite for beauty.  Omg! I weight 40kg and I'm too fat to wear this!
  • You don't want to be beautiful and white?
  • Colored hair = stylish means that black hair = unstylish
  • Asian fashion vs European vs American
  • Pretending to be from OC with A&F, Hollister, PINK from VS, etc.
  • ...
Of course once I do move there (end of this year?) those will be topics that will be touched on. I might even cover it one day when I think I have enough material from all the international students I see on campus (8P). They don't read English blogs, do they? I hope not mine at least. XD

More to come "about me"...