I AM...

I find the And That's Who I Am concept interesting. It reminds me of those clique like things I used to post on Livejournal (remember the journals?) but risk going on forever and annoying your readers with their load time (hence why lj cuts were invented).

Let's see what I can come up with...

To Yobu <3 p="p">
You have NO IDEA how cranky.
The written word, that is.
Life flows, it's not normal to be stagnant.
And that's what's important.
We all are.
If it's good.
I have actually been told I smile too much?
It's called: gullible.
It tends to run away.
Why sacrifice?
No one wants the real answer.
It's so true lol
It's scary.
What's stereotypical about that? Haha.
I value loyalty.
I get stressed easily but I recover quickly as well.
Finland <3 p="p">
I didn't know we still use this term...
Comes with the package ;D
Wouldn't have guessed it huh?
Always have been.
Who isn't?
I like Psychology Today.
Silence can be meaningful.
And I'm misconstrued as fickle.
It's a genuine concern.
You can imagine why.
Like a mule when inflamed.