Cosmetics this Year! aka I love L'occitane!

How has your new year started? I wish mine had been better. I have been swinging from one end to another, ill for almost three weeks (my back is still recovering~), and just recently found new direction in my life! It's refreshing!

I took this picture ...in January, and yes, it is now February...14th...but at least I am sharing, no? I will try harder.  Actually I wanted to share with you the exciting plans I have been brewing for the last 10 days or so!  I am leaving sunny California and moving to China! In fact, I will be staying somewhere where it is currently -10 celsius!  I have signed a six month contract to work there and will have SO much time to update and share my findings with you! Honestly, it was why I started this blog to begin with!  I wanted to explore beauty standards and trends from different cultural perspectives to see what the "definition of beauty" really is!

From left to right:
Face Wash: Dermalogica Essential Cleaning Solution
So we have tried Dermalogica in the past, in fact I distinctly remember Yobo preferring this brand when I first met him, but as you know, I prefer natural products and this is as man made as Proactive. It does work miracles though! I have to admit that I bought this because it is perfect for my skin type (usually I buy the ones that are perfect for Yobo's oily skin) and my skin cleared up and it was awesome! Must buy more!

Toner: http://www.kiehls.com/Rosewater-Facial-Freshener-Toner/333,default,pd.html?start=12&cgid=face-toners" target="_blank">Kiehls Rose Water Facial Freshener
Normally we use the Calendula one (because it is superior? haha), but I found this one at an outlet mall for a great price and just kind of grabbed it! We have used it before, usually during the summer, but I didn't find it drying even though I stay in a heated apartment so I think the alcohol content is very low...

Scrub: Origins Modern Friction
I think by now you should know that this is my favorite Origins product and the absolute best gentle exfoliator out there!  Nothing beats this! It smells nice, feels nice, and goes well with your Clarisonic (oooooo....)! The only thing is that I always forget that I am not supposed to wet my face before using it!

Face cream: Origins Youthtopia Lift
I think I commented on this before. I really like the Rhodiola scent, I feel like I'm applying herbal medicine on my skin and this makes me feel happy for some odd reason.  Yobo really disliked the scent though, so I think Origins products, though natural, should probably be tested at the store before ordered home. Also, I should probably note that I would not spend $52.50 on a full size container.

Eye cream:  Origins Youthtopia Firming Eye Cream
I liked this, but was it worthwhile? I don't think I would buy the full size.

Serum: http://www.kiehls.com/Midnight-Recovery-Concentrate/819,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=face-targeted-treatments" target="_blank">Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This was a relatively new product, and it excited me because the sales person at the store was very good (XD!), and it is a natural product!  Most of Kiehls items are not natural or organic, and I do prefer natural and organic so of course I had to try their newest line!  Anyway, the point is that this is probably why my skin has not shriveled up! It is very moisturizing, and even though it is an essential "oil", it does not make my skin feel greasy!  When I first began using it, I would wake up feeling like my t-zone soaked itself through the night, but as my skin grew accustomed to the product, that has ceased. So don't worry about the product not giving instant results (although you skin will feel softer the very next day!)

P.S. The matching http://www.kiehls.com/Midnight-Recovery-Eye/100016,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=face-eye" target="_blank">eye serum is not nearly as good. Yobo got it and I don't really think it's necessary, or worth $36...
Anyhoo, it's quite exciting and I'm leaving this weekend (on my birthday) and it has been so troublesome packing! What do I fit in two suitcases and a carry on? So much...not to mention the fact that I'm not used to it being so cold (anymore).  I haven't actually narrowed down my wardrobe, but once I do I will share with you what I have done. You have no idea how much of my wardrobe I have dumped in the trash/donated.  T_T While I feel refreshed, I also feel so heartbroken...

NEW moisturizer: L'occitane Angelica Hydrating Cream
I don't know if I ever mentioned how much I love L'occitane, but it must have started ten years ago and I always try to find something better, but then I went to the store in Santa Monica (after Christmas) and met this wonderful French sales person who totally sold me the brand and anti-aging products all over again!  She looked so youthful, and explained the latest study rankings (apparently it beats Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.) I have decided I will return to being their loyal customer!
Anyway, I started using this in January when I ran out of my Origins Youthtopia....I love it! I think it's wonderfully moisturizing without being too oily! Even Yobo can use this without any complaints!  The only thing is I probably will not purchase it again because I want to buy an anti-aging product next time.

Next time (i.e. before I go to China) I will purchase: L'occitane Immortelle Precious Cream!